Improvement of Modal Matching Image Objects in Dynamic Pedobarography using Optimization Techniques


  • Joao Manuel R. S. Tavares
  • Luisa Ferreira Bastos


This paper presents an approach for matching objects in dynamic pedobarography image sequences, based on finite element modeling and modal analysis. The determination of correspondences between nodal objects is improved using optimization techniques and, because the number of elements of each object is not necessary the same, a new algorithm to match excess nodes is proposed. This new matching algorithm uses a neighborhood criterion and can overcome some disadvantages of the usual ";one to one"; matching. The proposed approach allows the determination of correspondences between 2D or 3D objects. Here, a special application to dynamic pedobarography images is presented.


Computacional Vision, Deformable Objects, Dynamic, FEM, Matching, Medical Imaging, Modal Analysis, Optimization Techniques




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