Bayesian Network Enhanced Prediction for Multiple Facial Feature Tracking


  • Li Huang
  • Congyong Su


It is challenging to track multiple facial features simultaneously in video while rich facial expressions are presented in a human face. To accurately predict the positions of multiple facial features' contours is important and difficult. This paper proposes a multi-cue prediction model based tracking algorithm. In the prediction model, CAMSHIFT is used to track the face in video in advance, and facial features' spatial constraint is utilized to roughly obtain the positions of facial features. Second order autoregressive process (ARP) based dynamic model is combined with graphical model (Bayesian network) based dynamic model.Incorporating ARP's quickness into graphical model's accurateness, we obtain the fusion of the prediction. Finally the prediction model and the measurement model are integrated into the framework of Kalman filter. The experimental results show that our algorithm can accurately track multiple facial features with varied facial expressions.


Multiple Facial Feature Tracking, Bayesian Network, CAMSHIFT




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