A review of movie recommendation system: Limitations, Survey and Challenges

Chaurasia Neha Sunilkumar


Recommendation System is a major area which is very popular and useful for people to take proper decision. It is a method that helps user to find out the information which is beneficial for the user from variety of data available. When it comes to Movie Recommendation System, recommendation is done based on similarity between users (Collaborative Filtering) or by considering particular user’s activity (Content Based Filtering) which he wants to engage with. So to overcome the limitations of collaborative and content based filtering generally, combination of collaborative and content based filtering is used so that a better recommendation system can be developed. Also various similarity measures are used to find out similarity between users for recommendation. In this paper, we have reviewed different similarity measures. Various companies like face book which recommends friends, LinkedIn which recommends job, Pandora recommends music, Netflix recommends movies, Amazon recommends products etc. use recommendation system to increase their profit and also benefit their customers. This paper mainly concentrates on the brief review of the different techniques and its methods for movie recommendation, so that research in recommendation system can be explored.


Recommendation System, Hybrid Filtering, Matrix Factorization, SVD,Similarity Measures.

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