An ant colony based model to optimize parameters in industrial vision

Loubna Benchikhi, Mohamed Sadgal, Aziz Elfazziki, Fatimaezzahra Mansouri


Industrial vision constitutes an efficient way to resolve quality control problems. It proposes a wide variety of relevant operators to accomplish controlling tasks in vision systems. However, the installation of these systems awaits for a precise parameter tuning, which remains a very difficult exercise. The manual parameter adjustment can take a lot of time, if precision is expected, by revising many operators. In order to save time and get more precision, a solution is to automate this task by using optimization approaches (mathematical models, population models, learning models...). This paper proposes an Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) based model. The process considers each ant as a potential solution, and then by an interacting mechanism, ants converge to the optimal solution. The proposed model is illustrated by some image processing applications giving very promising results. Compared to other approaches, the proposed one is very hopeful. 


Image processing; Industrial vision; Ant colony optimization; Quality control

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