FMIRS: A Fuzzy indexing and retrieval system of mosaic-image database

wafa Abbassi Maghrebi


This work is dedicated to present a fuzzy-set based system useful for image indexing and retrieval pertaining to historical Roman-mosaics. This exceptional collection of mosaics dates back from the first to fourth centuries AD. Considering the state of these images (i.e. noise, color degradation, etc.) a fuzzy features definition is necessary. Thereby, we use a robust to rotation, scale and translation fuzzy extended curvature scale space (CSS) as shape descriptor. Furthermore, we propose a fuzzy color-quantization approach, applied on mosaics, using HSV color space.  The system allows for two user-friendly querying modes: a drawing based mode and the mode that fusion both shape and color features using a unified fuzzy similarity measure. Based on queries of variable complexity, the advanced fuzzy system has managed to achieve interesting recall, precision and F-measure rates.


Indexing, retrieval, image analysis, cultural heritage

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