Redundant Wavelet Watermarking using Spread Spectrum Modulation

V. H. Mankar, T. S. Das, S. Sarkar, S. K. Sarkar


Spread Spectrum modulation has become a preferred paradigm in many watermarking applications. This paper analyzes the performance of such a blind watermarking scheme under discrete wavelet frame rather than a traditional orthonormal wavelet expansion. The over complete representation offered by the redundant frame facilitates the identification of significant image features via a simple correlation operation across scales. The performance and resiliency of the proposed technique are analyzed against several volumetric distortion sources. The experimental results of this oblivious algorithm illustrate better visual and statistical imperceptibility and robustness compared to the usually critically sampled discrete wavelet transform. This algorithmic architecture utilizes the existing allocated bandwidth in the data transmission channel in a more efficient manner.


Spread Spectrum Modulation, Discrete Wavelet Frame (DWF); Over Complete Representation; Redundant Wavelet Transform (RDWT); Image Watermarking

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Copyright (c) 2008 V. H. Mankar, T. S. Das, S. Sarkar, S. K. Sarkar