A PDE Method to Segment Image Linear Objects with Application to Lens Distortion Removal

Moumen T. El-Melegy, Nagi H. Al-Ashwal


In this paper, we propose a partial differential equation based method to segment image objects, which have a given parametric shape based on energy functional. The energy functional is composed of a term that detects object boundaries and a term that constrains the contour to find a shape compatible with the parametric shape. While the shape constraints guiding the PDE may be determined from object\'s shape statistical models, we demonstrate the proposed approach on the extraction of objects with explicit shape parameterization, such as linear image segments. Several experiments are reported on synthetic and real images to evaluate our approach. We also demonstrate the successful application of the proposed method to the problem of removing camera lens distortion, which can be significant in medium to wide-angle lenses.


level sets; line segmentation; lens distortion

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Copyright (c) 2007 Moumen T. El-Melegy, Nagi H. Al-Ashwal