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Reduced egomotion estimation drift using omnidirectional views
Yalin Bastanlar
PDF (1Mb) (English)
Swarm-based Descriptor Combination and its Application for Image Classification
Alex Fernandes Mansano,
Jessica Akemi Matsuoka,
Nikolas Mota Abiuzzi,
Luis Claudio Sugi Afonso,
Joao Paulo Papa,
Fábio A Faria,
Ricardo Silva Torres,
Alexandre Xavier Falcao
PDF (527Kb) (English)
Multitier Biometric Template Security Using Cryptographic Salts and Personal Image Identification
prakash C Gupta
PDF (387Kb) (English)
A PGM-based System for Arabic HandwrittenWord Recognition
Afef Kacem,
Akram Khémiri,
Abdel Belaid
PDF (1Mb) (English)
Blind Restoration of Motion Blurred Barcode Images using Ridgelet Transform and Radial Basis Function Neural Network
shamik tiwari
PDF (1Mb) (English)
FMIRS: A Fuzzy indexing and retrieval system of mosaic-image database
wafa Abbassi Maghrebi
PDF (1Mb) (English)

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